COVID-19 Telehealth Fees

From July 20th, Medicare will not cover any costs of a consultation unless you have been an active patient* of Medical HQ within the past 12 months. In this case a non-rebatable fee will incur.

*Medicare defines an active patient as someone who has seen a practitioner within the practice for a face-to-face service in the last 12 months.

It is on doctor discretion on whether your appointment will be bulk billed

*Health Care Card (HCC) & Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

*Patients over 16 years old with no HCC



Patients under 16 years old are bulk billed

General Practitioner 


Standard Consultation (B)

Long Consultation (C)

Comprehensive Consultation (D)

Consultant Physician, Immunologist & Allergist

Please be advised that the below fees for immunology are subject to alteration due to dependency on what occurs in your consultation 


Phone/Video Consultation

Initial video attendance                          

Initial phone attendance                              

Extended Initial video/phone attendance                        

Subsequent video attendance                              

Subsequent phone attendance