Respiratory Symptom & Illness Update

current as of 9/2/21

Whilst we are still declared to be in a pandemic, our current practice policy is to not assess any respiratory symptoms or respiratory illnesses inside of our practices. We will continue to assist our patients with respiratory symptoms via Telehealth, car-park consultations or a GP-led Respiratory Clinic. In the instance of a Telehealth consultation, a doctor will determine the appropriate actions to be taken. Medical HQ is currently operating on a Telehealth consultation basis and any triaging is done by the GP the patient speaks with.

We have a responsibility to all of our patients and staff to keep our practices safe and healthy environments. Patient's presenting with respiratory illnesses, while may not be COVID, can potentially spread this to our vulnerable individuals resulting in a more severe illness. These conditions also extend to our staff. When a team member is unwell with respiratory symptoms, even with a negative COVID test, they are required to only return when they are no longer displaying symptoms. This understandably places additional pressures on our team.

Regarding face to face consultations; due to current government mandates, a face mask is required to be worn by all persons in the clinic. We ask that you are respectful of this request in helping us adhere to mandated SA Health social distancing requirements.

We have a limited amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To combat this, SA Health have organised GP-led Respiratory Clinics that have adequate PPE to physically assess patients with respiratory symptoms. These clinics are located in Athelstone, Ingle Farm, Reynella and Parkside. To book, you can click the corresponding clinic and book online, or contact them via telephone. These clinics assess anyone displaying respiratory symptoms and with GP-led assessment, diagnosis occurs and appropriate management plans are put into place.

If respiratory symptoms are determined by our GP's to not be contagious (e.g. a cough from asthma) then we will assess these patients in our practices. We expect our GP's to be able to determine from the Telehealth consultation the degree of care required and what follow up will be necessary. 

If you at any time have or believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call SA Ambulance Services on 000

We appreciate your understanding during these uncertain times.